Ettrick Forest Archers are a Longbow only club affiliated to the British Long Bow Society and members of Club Sport Ettrick and Lauderdale.

We are a members only Longbow club but guests who are members of BLBS are welcome to shoot.
We do come and try sessions and demonstrations through out the year and at many local events.

Gift Vouchers for beginners training of four lessons are available from the secretary or by contacting the Chair. These are priced at £80 to cover instructors time and wear on club equipment. A brief initial taster session can be provided before committing to the beginners course.

Club bows and arrows are available for new members to hire for a modest fee until you can obtain your own equipment. These fees are £5 per session for use of a club bow plus £5 if using club arrows and bracers etc. These fees are to cover potential breakages and replacement of worn equipment. New members would be encouraged to obtain their own equipment once they have attained a reasonable level of ability and strength.

The normal minimum starting age is Thirteen (may be relaxed to twelve for youngsters with previous archery experience) due to the physical nature of the longbow and the fact that it is a weapon.
Club days are a Sunday from 11:00am unless there is a competition on (see events for info). We also meet on a Wednesday evening from 6pm during the summer and members can shoot at other times provided there is more than one.

2023 charges. Beginners Training 4 lessons @ £80. Junior membership £20. Senior membership £30. Family membership ( 2 adults 2 children at same address) £45 , Field fees £3. Equipment Bow £5,arrows and quiver etc £5.

Contact our chair or secretary for details.